What does the symbol stand for in your companies name, Joseph?


Folks, I am a man of great faith. I hold strong ethics as well as a strong belief that we all deserve to be treated with absolute honesty and respect.


Here is the symbol...

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This is the symbol of the Knights of Malta (St. John) established in 1085 AD.
They created 8 points to represent how they would act as men of Faith.
This symbol has been re-shaped and meanings have been twisted throughout history...both good and bad.

I choose to live by the original "8 points" of this symbol in everything I do, as well as respect any of the beliefs of others and give the same ethical attention to all...it represents commitment to an ethical life. It also represents "never give up". These men were inspiring.

1. To have Faith
2. To live in truth
3. To be sincere and wholehearted
4. To give proof of humility
5. To love justice
6. To be merciful
7. To endure persecution
8. To repent of sin

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As a "perk"...I found the placement of the symbol has helped folks pronounce my name properly. 98% of folks say "Chelsea" for some reason when they read my name. It just happens and I think it is because the name Chelsea or Chelsy comes natural at first glance.

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