God's Will...

Only you know if you can unite your family in the faith. The obstacle is clear. You know what is keeping you from complete faith in the family. I had the same issue, but was able to get mine to trust me. It finally took an attack by demons to convince her, but that was a the blessing I needed after fighting to save you all. Her curses from killing those babies and generations of Godless family allowed me to raise you all in the faith. Meeting her was a terrible burden, a constant battle, but God had a plan and that plan saved my soul too. I was hell bound before I met Noelle and battled demons. If she had not been owned by Satan for the killings, I may have never had chose to fight for my faith.

The world needs hero's for Christ, not more "cool" Dads that try to be best friends to their kids. Sacrifice is what we are called to do. I always knew your Mom would fail, I loved you so much, that I made sure I adopted you...securing me as your father and allowing me to raise you alone if she went back to dope and cheating. Satan never sleeps and will always have someone around you to keep you from the true salvation and the true church. If he wins...the next generation loses. I made the first move...it is on you and your brothers to say "no more" and start fresh.


We put ourselves in bad situations. We limit ourselves to allow Satan to win. God knows that our choices can keep us away from him, but he always has a way out when we screw up his plan. You just have to fight and overcome the situation you put yourself in. Some will not follow, some will fail, but it is the fight that makes us God's. Never give up...always spend each day trying to bring unity in the faith. You're in charge and always will be. When you stand before God...make sure your life, as he reviews it, shows an effort everyday to save souls of your family and others. I put myself in front of God everyday and ask if he is proud. I ask him what he would do and his word in the Bible confirms my actions. That is all he asks.

Yes, it would be nice to have been born into a Catholic "rich" family and know all around you share in the same goal. America has seen fit to ruin that and has combined all faiths and non faiths in families today. It has broken the chain that was Gods in the beginning. That is what we have to return to. One family member at a time!

Love you!